VCN has joined with an inspiring group of Nepali women to reach out to children who gather unattended in the neighborhood of a children eatingmajor temple complex in Kathmandu Valley.  Alone or in small groups, every day these children meander filthy streets without purpose or supervision.  The volunteer staff of Bal Sarathi scouts the surrounding neighborhood and convinces squatters, prostitutes, transients, outcasts and impoverished families that the children of their circumstances deserve better -- nutritious food, a watchful eye and education.   

With considerable effort, commitment and a brilliant game plan, Bal Sarathi became a service to feed these children a good meal six days a week, with the provision that each child attends three hours of schooling before being served a free, nutritious lunch.  The success of this effort was immediate and very soon contributors and merchants cooperated in this cause and now Bal Sarathi is supplied with study desks, school books, teachers and school uniforms for more than 140 students.

girl writingMany of these children have become structured and passionate about their studies.  They proudly wear their school uniforms and carry their books as symbols of their equality with other children and their progress in education.  The greatest and most lasting gift to these children is “knowledge�? and many have advanced into government schools with financial support from Bal Sarathi.

VCN feels very fortunate that we can financially participate with this very special group of volunteer workers in their extraordinary effort for this innovative and praiseworthy cause.